Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication means catering to the needs of special clients. It could be anything from a car customisation to aircraft carriers. These needs could vary in form, size, layout, etc. A company which provides custom fabrication services has the ability to offer all these services in one go. It is also possible for a firm offering custom metal fabrication services to have direct access to components and/or tools required in order to offer the best product at the most competitive price.

Among the specialized areas that custom metal fabrication firms concentrate on are die making, sheet metal bending (also known as bending sheets and bending fixtures), stamping, cutting, crimping, drilling and turning. Some of these services are carried out by the firm on their premises and some require them to ship components and tools to their client's site. Some even outsource some of their work. This increases the work scope and also allows the firm to gain a competitive advantage.

For example, a small custom metal fabrication company in Geelong in Australia offers die making services. They offer cutting and punching methods which are specific to the requirements of the client and the designs they want to produce. The company manufactures punching machines such as the Hitachi cutting machine and CNC aluminium plate machines. They also offer die and press brazing machines and specialised sheet metal accessories such as shrink wrap, shrink tube fittings, hose clamps and many others. They also manufacture machine tool heads and die sets, brazing fasteners, shrink wraps, fabric protectors, thermal-cutting tools, anvil fasteners, locking plates and many more.